I'm So Very Lucky

31 July, 2017

Hello Sugarplums!

I should be editing and working away right now, or perhaps even sleeping. But rather than that, I am sat thinking as usual.

I got a nice selfie today, thought I'd share it with you!
Tonight I am thinking about my life, you (the reader/viewer) and my achievements.

Some days can truly be testing, of course they can. We all suffer some days and others we bask in our happiness. I will be first to admit that over the last few months I have had some real down days. I've truly struggled recently to be happy, and it's taken a real toll on me, not just with my emotional well-being, but also with my work.

About three days ago, I decided enough was enough. I have isolated myself enough already and spent too long pushing people away who cared. I took some time to think about me, my life, and where I want to be and who I want to be. I don't want to be lonely. I don't want to be sad most of the time, and right then, my lifestyle was most certainly making me sad. Ultimately I decided it was time to repair the bridges I had burnt.

Over the coming weeks you will most certainly notice that I've been making a lot more effort to be happy and also making more effort with other people. It will show in my content and in many other places.

What A Week!

17 July, 2017

Hello lovely people!

What a crazy week it has been! I joined the Yogscast, I became a Twitch Partner. On top of that, I've been swamped in admin 'stuff' and recording constantly. It's been a busy one.

I apologise if any of my interactivity with the community has been lacking, or if the videos seem a little off. I am trying to get everything finished off so that I can give my channel a little "content refresh" if you will. I just want to finish up the older stuff I've been creating and start producing some fresh series.

I think, as far as content goes, I am going to start opting for a more streamlined approach to my channel. I think it would be much easier for my workload if I focused more on Twitch, and uploaded one or two series on YouTube at a time. So for example, I have a new series starting soon, and I'm also going to edit up the stream highlights from Minecraft: Story Mode. So the schedule would look something like this:

Huge Life Update: I've Joined The Yogscast!

10 July, 2017

Hello Sugarplums!

You may have already seen the YouTube video that released today, and if you did and that's how you got here, hello! Welcome to my blog!

Today I announced something I have wanted to announce for a very, very long time. 

Ever since I was very young, I have been in love with the Yogscast and their content. Towards the end of 2016, I was lucky enough to meet and work with Kim quite a lot. It was one of the most exciting times of my "YouTube career", because she had been one of my biggest idols for so, so long. After this, I got the huge opportunity of joining Hannah and Caff (also Chrissa occasionally), in some of the Yogscast Jingle Jam livestreams. I was thrilled. All of my dreams from when I was thirteen-years-old were coming true.

Just after the Jingle Jam finished, somebody tweeted myself and Turps (Yogscast CEO) asking if I were joining the Yogscast. Turps responded that he'd love to have me, but there were no plans. We began talking shortly after that, I then visited their offices in March after around three months of conversation. After this, it took a few more months (until now, July) to get everything sorted, agreed on etc etc. 

An Eventful Day

05 July, 2017

Good day sugarplums!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far.

This week has been a hectic one for me. I got a little behind with my main channel content due to being so focused on vlogs, plus I've been organising some stuff with companies, legal documents and boring things like that. Catching up on stuff after procrastinating is hard! Don't procrastinate, kids!

Today, in particular, has been eventful. So here's a roundup of how my schedule (most of which was unplanned) went today:

7am the usual morning lineup... wait... that's the song from Tangled.

I woke up today at 7am and I left for work at 8. I arrived at 8:45. 25 eight-year-olds were awaiting me. I spent the day cutting and sticking, photocopying, complaining that my shoes hurt my feet, sticking and cutting, helping, teaching, learning, ice-pack distributing and sharpening pencils. There was more to it than that, but that's, at least, the gist of it.

After all of that, I arrived home at 4pm. I drove myself (with my Nanna safely buckled into the passenger seat, after all, I'm only a learner). I read about two pages of my newly-purchased book (Wilde Like Me, by Louise Pentland) before drifting off to sleep. I was then awakened in a startling manner by the neighbour's cat who had decided to perch on my windowsill. Then, I spent the rest of the evening editing, making thumbnails, watching Doctor Who and still complaining that my feet were hurting.

It's a really good book so far, you should grab a copy!

What Minecraft Did To Me and My Channel

04 July, 2017

Hey there everyone! It's a bit of a sad one for you today, so bear with me. I haven't really been able to get these feelings out verbally, so writing them down may help.

Minecraft. The game that began mine, and many other gaming YouTuber's channels. It has been (and still somewhat is) one of the most popular games on the platform.

I started playing Minecraft after watching my favourite YouTubers going on their adventures through their series, building Jaffa Cake factories, and just in general, having fun. I loved the game when I started, it was thrilling exploring all that it contained. Over time, the game got more and more exciting with the addition of so many new things. 

In 2014, I created my channel. Almost all of the content was modded Minecraft. I loved it. Gradually, I began to build a small audience of loyal viewers who would come back to each video and say "hey, I liked this!". It was a great feeling, and I was very very happy with it. Towards the end of 2015, myself and my new group of friends had begun playing a lot of Minecraft minigames, as a result, almost all of my videos became minigames, rather than modded. This resulted in my audience growing faster and then in March/April 2016, I participated in my first season of UHShe. These things all rocketed my view counts and subscriber counts up, and I was feeling amazing, on top of the world.

I Don't Enjoy Playing Games Right Now

03 July, 2017

Hi everyone!

Yes indeed, you read the title correctly. I have been experiencing this problem for some time. Once my gaming channel stopped performing as well, I lost all motivation to make gaming videos. As a result, I lost interest in playing games altogether. The problem is, gaming  has become tied to my channel's success in my mind, because for the last three and a half years, almost all of my gaming-related things have been for my channel. This makes it hard to enjoy it elsewhere and outside of the content creation environment.

As you may have noticed, my interests on my main channel are shifting constantly. Sometimes I upload one game, and then the next day instantly shift to another. This is due to me not enjoying almost all of the games I have been playing previously, so I am trying hard to just enjoy whatever comes along and makes me happy.


Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! No matter how you ended up here, I hope you enjoy your stay and find it most entertaining. Given the amount of times I embarrass myself, I'm sure you will be most amused.

My name is Bea, for those unaware. You can read all sorts of interesting (not really) information about my by clicking this very clever link! Amazing, right?

This blog has been created for all sorts of reasons. I love writing and I love sharing my life with others, but sometimes, there's things that happen which either can't be expressed in a video, or just aren't worth a full video being created for it. For example, sometimes I sit in a cafe and think "I really want to tell everyone about this". Perfect, now I can.