Huge Life Update: I've Joined The Yogscast!

10 July, 2017

Hello Sugarplums!

You may have already seen the YouTube video that released today, and if you did and that's how you got here, hello! Welcome to my blog!

Today I announced something I have wanted to announce for a very, very long time. 

Ever since I was very young, I have been in love with the Yogscast and their content. Towards the end of 2016, I was lucky enough to meet and work with Kim quite a lot. It was one of the most exciting times of my "YouTube career", because she had been one of my biggest idols for so, so long. After this, I got the huge opportunity of joining Hannah and Caff (also Chrissa occasionally), in some of the Yogscast Jingle Jam livestreams. I was thrilled. All of my dreams from when I was thirteen-years-old were coming true.

Just after the Jingle Jam finished, somebody tweeted myself and Turps (Yogscast CEO) asking if I were joining the Yogscast. Turps responded that he'd love to have me, but there were no plans. We began talking shortly after that, I then visited their offices in March after around three months of conversation. After this, it took a few more months (until now, July) to get everything sorted, agreed on etc etc. 

And now, seven months later, I can finally announce one of the biggest opportunities of my lifetime, and one of my biggest dreams coming true. Something I never thought would happen. I joined the Yogscast! I am part of the Yogscast Family. It's still sounds insane to me when I say it out loud.

If you haven't watched the video yet, and you want to ask some questions, I did a short Q&A at the end of the video, so go and watch that first and if I didn't answer your question, feel free to write a comment below this post, or on YouTube, or on Reddit, and I promise to answer as many as I can!

Thank you all, so, so much for standing by me through this. Thank you for being there for me when I fell down. We've had so many wonderful days, so many difficult days, and we will have so many more of each, but together we made it!

Thank you so much, I cannot express how happy I am in words. The future is bright.

I love you all, have a fantastic week,

Talk soon,
Bea x