03 July, 2017

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! No matter how you ended up here, I hope you enjoy your stay and find it most entertaining. Given the amount of times I embarrass myself, I'm sure you will be most amused.

My name is Bea, for those unaware. You can read all sorts of interesting (not really) information about my by clicking this very clever link! Amazing, right?

This blog has been created for all sorts of reasons. I love writing and I love sharing my life with others, but sometimes, there's things that happen which either can't be expressed in a video, or just aren't worth a full video being created for it. For example, sometimes I sit in a cafe and think "I really want to tell everyone about this". Perfect, now I can.

I hope you enjoy reading all about my adventures here, and also watching them on my YouTube channels. I thank you very kindly for being here, and just because you are, here's a lovely large photograph of my face.

If you're new to this blog, be sure to put a comment below to tell me if you're excited! (You can just use your usual Google account to comment!)

I can't wait to begin sharing my adventures with you!

Love you lots,
Bea x


  1. ohai. The blog is looking hella

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