What A Week!

17 July, 2017

Hello lovely people!

What a crazy week it has been! I joined the Yogscast, I became a Twitch Partner. On top of that, I've been swamped in admin 'stuff' and recording constantly. It's been a busy one.

I apologise if any of my interactivity with the community has been lacking, or if the videos seem a little off. I am trying to get everything finished off so that I can give my channel a little "content refresh" if you will. I just want to finish up the older stuff I've been creating and start producing some fresh series.

I think, as far as content goes, I am going to start opting for a more streamlined approach to my channel. I think it would be much easier for my workload if I focused more on Twitch, and uploaded one or two series on YouTube at a time. So for example, I have a new series starting soon, and I'm also going to edit up the stream highlights from Minecraft: Story Mode. So the schedule would look something like this:

- Monday: Minecraft: Story Mode
- Tuesday: New Series
Wednesday: Minecraft: Story Mode
- Tuesday: New Series

and so on. This means that I can get one full game playthrough out, and then after it's done, I can start the next one.

I WILL STILL BE UPLOADING THE WALKING DEAD! I'm just going to upload the last two episodes for S1 in full 1.5 hour chunks, then upload 400 Days on-wards as 20 minute edited videos.

Essentially, my workload should become more manageable.

I hope you're having a great week and enjoying the content, let me know in the comments some awesome things that have been happening in your lives lately!

Talk soon,
Bea x

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