Another Life Update

26 August, 2017

Hi guys!
These last couple weeks I have been struggling with my mental health, and therefore it's been tough to keep streaming and making content. I need to rein things in a little for just a couple of weeks until I get back on my feet with everything.
The plan is to livestream every Tuesday and Thursday for a couple weeks so that I can get back on track. So just two streams per week until the 14th of September (the date my dongles renew and I will be confidently back on track).
That means there will be a stream on the following dates:

Tuesday 29th, Thursdsy 31st, Tuesday 5th, Thursday 7th, Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th.
From the 14th onwards we will be back to DAILY streaming (excluding Saturdays).
I hope you guys understand and aren't upset with me. I just need to focus on getting back on track and taking care of my health, too. It's only a reduced schedule for a couple of weeks, then daily madness for the foreseeable future!
Bea x

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