The British Tag

11 November, 2018

Last night I was sat, uploading a vlog, when I realised I really need to start brainstorming some more blog post ideas. Then, I had a real lightbulb moment! TAGS!

Everyone loves tags. 'Boyfriend Tag', 'Best-friend Tag', 'Get To Know Me Tag'. You name it. I have done a few tags on YouTube in vlog form but I'm not sure I've ever done one as a blog.

I went around looking for different tags I thought I might be interested in, then I noticed a very old one by Samantha Marie called 'The British Tag'. Essentially, it's a list of stereotypical British questions (that are actually quite accurate). So I figured, why not?

Here we go, The British Tag.

1). How many cups of tea do you drink in a day and with how many sugars?

I am pretty stereotypically British. I do really enjoy tea. I drink tea at work, I drink tea before I sleep (most nights) and I even drink tea in the mornings. I don't like coffee, always tea.

I'd say that I easily drink three to four cups of tea per day, but occasionally there's definitely more. I don't drink flavoured teas or fruit teas. Just good old Yorkshire Tea or PG Tips.

2). What is your favourite part of a roast dinner?

This is tricky. I love roasts. I had a roast tonight. Yorkshire Puddings. Wait. Mint Sauce. Wait! IT'S TOO HARD. I LOVE IT ALL.

3). What is your favourite dunking biscuit?

I don't often dunk biscuits in my tea. But, if I am going to, then it has to be Nice or Rich Tea.

4). What is your favourite British pastime?

Sitting on a bench at the sea front eating Fish & Chips and trying to avoid the swooping seagulls trying to nab my lunch.

5). What is your favourite common British word?


6). What is your favourite Cockney Rhyme slang?

I confess, I don't actually know much Cockney Rhyme. I find it really annoying. Sorry!

7). What is your favourite sweet?

I LOVE Winegums. I especially love the sour variant (which I can no longer find in my local shops, grrr). Jelly Tots also. Are they British? I have no idea.

8). What would your own pub be called?

The Purple Pooping Unicorn.

9). No.1 favourite British person?

I'm cheating. I picked two. Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. You can't have one without the other. This Morning is my jam.

10). Favourite shop/restaurant?

I feel like I have to say cheeky Nandos for the memes. (I actually don't like Nandos). I live very rurally so I have my local favourites. But to avoid identifying where I live, I'll say Wetherspoons.

11). What British song pops into your head?

If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Wannabe, Spice Girls, of course.

12). Marmite?

No. Absolutely not. Yuck.

I'm not sure if I am very stereotypically British. But no matter what, I am definitely thrilled to be British and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Hope you enjoyed reading through my answers! Let me know what your answers would be below in the comments! x


  1. Wetherspoons is so British but personally don’t drink tea only hot drink I drink is hot chocolate xD xxx

  2. I have no idea what most of that stuff is...but I do like tea ❤