My 2019 Goals and Plans

25 December, 2018

So, 2019 is upon us.

Before you read this post, if you haven't yet ready my 2018 Round-Up, do so by clicking here!

Each year, when Christmas is on the way, I start to feel wobbly. I start to wonder and worry about the year that's about to come and fixing the mistakes I made this year and improving on what I started. I get all kinds of crazy and panicked.

As I normally do when I start to feel that way, I sat down with my laptop and began thinking of plans for next year, looking over analytics this year and figuring out what I need to do. I have made decisions, guys! I'm an adult! See! I wanted to share those decisions with you so you can know what to expect from me in my FIFTH year of creating content online. Fifth.

So, here goes!

Vlogs & Blogs

Next year I would like to continue to develop my 'Bea Florie' brand. I am so proud of the separate, 'In Real Life' content I have created and I would like to continue that as a priority next year. I'd like to do more trans vlogs especially, but also more lifestyle, beauty and hopefully travel too!

This year we of course started a weekly vlog throughout the middle of the year. I have looked back over them and decided that despite their faults, especially with my struggle to film during days when I feel down, that I really enjoyed them. Therefore I am really thrilled to say that weekly vlogs will be continuing next year! This time, they will have a TON more content. I want to show off more of my life, try to introduce you more to my family and family life, get over my fear of vlogging in public and let you in a little more in a way that I and my loved ones find comfortable. I am also going to stop worrying about how much or how little I film, stop apologising and just enjoy it and LIVE it. Yay!

Minecraft Gaming Channel

This is of course the one that started them all. Almost five years ago, I sat down and created this channel. It is one of my most successful and, honestly, is my baby. In 2019 I obviously have full intention of continuing to make my Minecraft content. It is, however, going to look a little bit different.

I have decided there is no use in trying to push content I WANT people to like that people just DON'T like when I know I also enjoy creating the content you actually want to see. Therefore, especially for my mental health, I will no longer be uploading every day. Instead, I am going to upload every other day (with the exception of any special events) and the content will be more focused on what you love to see and what I enjoy to create. You may have noticed I've been pushing more silly collabs, such as "Trapping Lana in an Ice Maze", or "Fighting a Tornado with Alexa" (those aren't the actual titles, but close enough). I want to post more of this stuff because you all seemed to love it and I REALLY enjoyed creating it.

I also want to push more UHC because I love filming them, I find them a breeze to edit and you guys just seem to love watching it. ALSO, more of my Minecraft Tournaments since the first season was a HIT!

I hope you share my excitement for the future of this channel!

Roblox Gaming Channel

I'm sure it's no secret to any of you that Roblox has done fantastically well among the kid audiences this year. I am, of course, first and foremost before all of my vloggy, bloggy, streamy content, a children's video creator. My biggest passion lies there and always has. I truly believe the future for me is bright in the Roblox community.
Over the last 6 months since creating my Roblox channel, I have seen extremely positive growth and an entirely new, fresh and separate community has been created. I am really passionate about my Roblox channel in 2019, and therefore the current plan is to take the time I will save from posting every other day on my Minecraft channel rather than daily, and also post every other day on my Roblox channel. If it does well, I may consider daily but for now, every other day is the plan!

Alongside my vlogs/blogs, my Roblox channel is going to be a huge priority for me next year and I really, really want to give it my all. Everyone knows that none of my channels have ever been "big", and that's not my goal. My goal is not to be big. But I do want to feel as though I am successful, because nobody wants to feel as though they've failed.

Next year, my Roblox channel will have a big push. I understand if you don't want to come along with me over there and would rather stick to the channels you're used to, but I am so excited nonetheless and so thankful for those who give it a chance!

I have been writing a roleplay, planning so many videos and throwing my best efforts into this channel for 2019. I am SO excited.

Twitch Gaming Streams

Next year I will of course be continuing my Twitch streams! Overall they have been the most successful thing for me in 2018 and I have every intention to nurture that and continue that growth next year! There will be a few changes, but not many. They are as follows!

Our streaming schedule is changing to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7pm GMT (UK time) and Sundays from 2pm GMT (which is the same as before).

The weekday streams have been spread out with a day gap in-between to allow me time to get other work done, and to relax and cool off between streams. The weekday streams have also been brought back an hour to allow me to finish at 10pm rather than 11pm and be able to sleep at more reasonable times. This will be a trial. If it doesn't work out, we can go back but I would obviously appreciated if all of you came along to share your love!

Mondays will be our new stream day with Rob which is likely to be mainly our custom Community Server and PvP stuff, Wednesdays will be our Viewer UHCs (BeaHC WILL be back, but the guest(s) are unconfirmed and will be announced when things are finalised). Friday is currently not fully set in stone but will likely be things like Harmony Hollow, or Jackbox Games (as I know you love them!). Sundays are more than likely going to be UHC/PvP days but it's not set in stone yet!

I look forward to next year's streams with you guys! I love getting to communicate with you in real-time!

Social Media

I am going to continue to push my social media in 2019. My Twitter is always random and crazy and the best place to be to know exactly what I'm up to! But I will be pushing my Instagram even further with regular stories, exciting posts and hopefully also a consistent colour theme through the whole thing. I may need to pull in some help for it to help me get it started, lol! I also plan to make some more IGTV videos if people are interested (let me know in the comments, I will reply to them!) and potentially push my Facebook Page? I've never been interested in Facebook, but I have always had an official page for my content. Facebook is putting a lot of work in with content creators right now, so it may be worth it! Drop a like on it by clicking here and I'll love you forever!

That's basically it for content I think! I am so bloody excited for next year and pushing so much more love and effort into my work. I hope you will continue to be there with me throughout the next year.

I love you all dearly and look forward to seeing your names pop up in 2019! Please do drop a comment below, I will reply to all of them!

Happy New Year, thank you for everything.

All my love, Bea x


  1. hmmm facebook is a funny one for me as although I check mine regularly it's not where i'd look for my content creators social, for me, twitter and instagram are much better platforms for that but I guess that's down to familiarity. Can't wait to see how all your platforms grow in 2019 and just know that i'll be there for the ride <3 xxx