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16 January, 2020

Over the last few years, I've met and known many people. I've been creating content for six years. Six.

In that time, YouTube, the internet, social media, has all changed so many times that it is almost unrecognizable. There is, however, one thing that always remains consistent. The drama.

For some reason, most groups of people when online seem to feel they have "right". Specifically, the right to be friends with certain people, or be involved in certain things, no matter their actions, they feel they shouldn't be denied that right.

Over the last year especially, a lot of changes have happened with my events, my organized events particularly and my friendship groups or the circles of content creators I work with. I have ceased relationships with people who brought negativity to my life, and at the same time, we have removed people from events who were not following rules or were in general, being nasty.

These people, almost always, take these actions and twist them. They turn them into YOU being the issue to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. This has happened a lot in the last 6 months. People have blamed me, quite regularly, for various issues, things dating back as far as 2016.

No matter the effort you make to escape past mistakes, or past choices, it would appear once people have made their mind up about you they are not going to allow it to drop.

I want it to be explicitly clear that my only goal has always been and always will be to support my fellow creators, be there for people who deserve it, and spread what I believe to be a positive and helpful mindset. I actively try to involve people, especially smaller creators in my events. Sometimes this is proven to be a mistake and we have to reverse that choice, sometimes, it's a wonderful choice and great friendships and opportunities are formed.

I will first and foremost not apologize for controlling who I spend time with or who I allow to participate in my events. I want them to be helpful, kind and pleasant. Not filled up with hate-filled people who bring nothing but salt and anger.

Secondly, I won't apologize for choosing to remain friends only with people who lift me up and make me feel good. I, and nobody else should be forced to be friends with someone who makes them feel sad.

Lastly, I especially won't allow people who exploit moments where I am weak or vulnerable and use them as a method to drag me down or make me seem like a bad person, when I know I am not, to be in my life.

The last few months have very much felt like a "lets get everyone who doesn't like Bea together and bring her down on Twitter as best as we can". To all of you, I would like to highly suggest you move on with your lives. Allowing yourself to be so caught up with what I am doing with my life will simply eat away at yourself and your happiness. You're wasting your time by being consumed by hate and in reality, it's sad that you are so wired into your social media drama that you can't see a world outside of it.

When I turn off my computer, I return to a life with my family and my friends. In a lovely country village, with beautiful landscapes and gorgeous scenery. You may be shocked to realize that my life doesn't revolve around Minecraft because it would appear that you, sadly, do not share this revelation.

Going forward, I will simply block, mute and ignore anyone who is taking time out of their day to specifically bring me down. And, to those who don't like me, whatever your reasons, I will not try to convince you otherwise. Instead, I would suggest you do what I do when I don't like someone and ignore them, don't seek them out and pay no mind to what they're doing. It's far more healthier for you if you stop indulging yourself in the hatred you feel for someone else.

I am trying to focus on being a good person in 2020, celebrating my new job, improving my life and focusing on stability alongside making my friends happy. Please allow me to try to better myself as a person and stop dragging up reasons I am not a good person from the 16 year old version of myself, or worse, by pretending you haven't done anything wrong when you are, just like me, a human being who also makes mistakes and is just trying to learn how to fit comfortably into this world.

Thank you.

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