Hi! My name is Bea. I make all sorts of different media and content on the internet.

I was born January 23rd. I grew up very rural but my love for technology and creating digital content began from an early age, despite the geographical limitations.

Growing up, much like every other child, I had strong dreams and aspirations. Around the age of 14, with influence from my favourite YouTubers, The YOGSCAST, I had began dreaming of making videos. In February 2014, aged 15, I created my YouTube channel, BasicallyBea. I began posting occasional gaming videos. Now, in 2021, I am a full-time Roblox content creator on my BeaPlays Roblox channel as well as producing content on various other channels and outlets.

During my time making gaming videos, I began to watch vloggers/bloggers like SprinkleofGlitter, Zoella and danisnotonfire. As time went on, I had a strong urge to begin documenting my life in a similar way, and so in late 2016 I opened up this blog and created a vlog channel.

My life is only just beginning, and my journey has barely begun. Here's hoping you will join me through it!

Bea x

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