Hey there! My name is Bea. I'm a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer and more. I also do freelance video editing. I have been editing for six years using various programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Vegas Pro. I also have Photoshop knowledge and can use After Effects.

For examples of my video editing work, see below some of the work I've done for others. For any of my own videos, check out my YouTube channel here.

Gaming Examples:

High Energy Roblox gaming video directed towards a young audience. Lots of sound effects, video effects etc.

Video rights belong to Cybernova Games

Perspectives video with two switching cameras between two people's content. Lots of cuts, removal of boring or silent parts, fast paced and in Minecraft.

Video rights belong to basicallybea

High energy Roblox video edited with lots of cuts, faced paced, sound and video effects. Thumbnail also created by me.

Video rights belong to basicallybea

Vlog Examples:

A fun, light-hearted vlog with lots of cutting and zoom changes to emphasize points.

Video rights belong to basicallybea

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