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My name is Bea. I'd be thrilled to work with you! If you are searching for information on how you can work with me, and the types of things I do or have done, you've come to the right place!

If you are wanting to send me something, please do so to BasicallyBea - The Yogscast, 4th Floor - King William House, 13 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4NT.

If you are a brand or company wanting to get in touch about working together, please email If you are a person wanting to discuss collaborations or something similar, please email If a company or brand emails my personal business email, their request will be redirected to

I am willing to work together in many different ways, be it through this blog, or on my assorted YouTube channels or Twitch channel, depending on whatever area you would specifically like to focus on when looking into working together.

Below is a quick overview of my channels and what I do there so you can better understand the types of things I create.

BasicallyBea YouTube (Minecraft)
On this YouTube channel, I create family-friendly gaming videos inside the world of Minecraft. This involves assorted and various different things, mainly focused on telling stories inside of my own custom worlds and environments, and looking after lots of different types of animals!

BasicallyBea YouTube (Roblox)
On this channel, I create family-friendly gaming videos focused on the hugely successful online game, Roblox. This involves all kinds of different games and even playing lots of community-created content! The content is always 100% child-friendly and very, very silly!

Bea Florie YouTube (Vlogs)
On this channel, I create all sorts of different vlog content. This channel is more focused around teens and adults. I talk about LGBTQ+ related issues, makeup, family life, fashion, technology and more! I have so many different interests that I am ALWAYS up for dabbling in all kinds of new things. Lately I have been reviewing some products on the channel which I have really enjoyed.

BasicallyBea Twitch (Livestreams)
And lastly, this channel is focused around livestreaming Minecraft and other games to an older teenage/adult audience. I play Minecraft alongside my friends and viewers can join in too! It's always a lot of fun and we always enjoy spending a few hours being silly together!

As you can see, I create a really wide variety of content, so there's absolutely plenty to choose from!

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

- Bea

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